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Second day of our 30 days plant based challenge with Cozinha Alternativa ♥ Today I bring a dish for those ‘rush’ moments. I was going to prepare my lunch but I had nothing prepared, so, I went to the spaghetti! In the Plant Based diet, whole wheat spaghetti is allowed. In 15 minutes I had it done! Do not forget to use the hashtag #30diasplantbased every time you post something! Do you want to know more about the challenge? Follow me on Instagram to know everything!


✓ Vegan

Ready in: 15 minutes

Portion: 2 plates



150g whole wheat spaghetti (any type)

3 tablespoons oat flakes

1 clove garlic

Salt to taste

1 glass of warm water

5 cherry tomatoes (use half of a regular tomato if you do not have the cherry tomatoes)

1 tablespoon sesame seed

Beet cooked

Juice of a lime for the salad seasoning

Green salad to taste (lettuce, arugula, spinach …)





  • Cook the spaghettiin water with a bit of salt, drain and set it aside


  • Add in a mixer the oats, water, garlic, salt and tomatoes. Mix it until creamy


  • Add the sauce to the cooked pasta, and cook over low heat for extra 2 minutes just so the sauce thickens a little bit


  • Ready, now all you need to do is set the plate with the pasta, green leaves and the cooked beet! ♥


  • PS: If you plan to prepare it to eat later (bring it to work or for the next day, for example), I recommend that you leave the sauce separate and only add to the pasta when ready to eat, this way the pasta does not becomes too sticky or destroys the flavor!



What did you think of this recipe? Leave a comment telling me how is your 30 days plant based challenge with Cozinha Alternative going!

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