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Is anyone out there crazy about yakisoba? Guys, I love this recipe too much, it’s delicious to eat and to prepare it! The smell in the kitchen of delicious food being made; the vegetables; The shoyu; everything on this dish is a success! I’ve had a lot of yakisobas and this one it’s definitely on my “Top 3”. It’s relatively easy to do and after that it’s just about enjoying the dish. I confess that I am not attached to the rules of traditional dishes, so you can quietly change, add or remove the vegetables according to your taste! Give it a try! And if you’re not on the creative vibe, follow this recipe, step by step, and you will certainly not regret!

Make sure to check out the important tips at the end of the recipe!

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✓ Vegan

Average time: 45 minutes

Portion: 300g vegan yakisoba (it feeds two hungry people)


250g chard

300g broccoli

2 medium sized sliced carrots

1 medium purple onion, chopped into large pieces

250ml shoyu sauce

1 teaspoon cornstarch diluted in water

4 tablespoons sesame oil (you can use other oil)

Noodles for yakisoba without eggs


  • In a pan with water add the chard the broccoli and the carrot. Cook for 5 minutes. Count the time after the boiling water. Vegetables should not get overcooked! After 5 minutes, drain the cooking water and set aside the vegetables.


  • In a frying pan fry the purple onion with two tablespoons of sesame oil (if you want you can add more oil). Fry for 5 minutes and add the soy sauce.


  • When the soy sauce is boiling, add the already cooked vegetables. Add the diluted cornstarch in water (about 200ml) and cook for 5 minutes.


  • After 5 minutes of cooking the sauce will be more dense, also set it aside!


  • Cook the pasta. It is important that you cook for less time than the package recommends. My tip is: decrease 1 minute from what is the written recommendation on the package. So if your pasta asks for a 5 minutes, cook for 4 minutes.


  • Drain the water and in a frying pan fry the pasta for 5 minutes in the sesame oil! Stir well and do not allow to stick, if necessary add more oil.


  • Mix the fried noodles with the vegetable sauce and serve hot! Yummmmmmmi




For this recipe I used sesame oil, a “superfood oil”, the packaging is usually small. The taste of sesame oil gives a toasted taste and matches wonderfully with the yakisoba!

If you do not have this oil or have never seen it to buy, no problem! Use the oil you have at home and add the seasonings of your choice!

Attention to the yakisoba pasta! Some brands contain eggs on it! Do not buy from these brands, Yakisoba pasta does not usually have eggs but always read the label!


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