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Black lentil with sweet potato chips



First day of the 30 days Plant Based Challenge with Cozinha Alternativa ♥ Today I bring a really easy but delicious dish! You will love it! Do not forget to use #30diasplantbased if you post your dish on social media! Want to know more about the #30diasplantbased? Just follow me on Instagram and you will get all the info!


✓ Vegan

✓ Gluten free

Ready in: 30 minutes

Portion: 2 plates



300g of black lentils (soaked for at least 12 hours)

3 handfuls of fresh rucola (arugula)

1 large sweet potato

Salt to taste

1 tablespoon pumpkin seed

Sweet paprika powder to taste

2 cloves garlic





  • Grind the garlic and cook the lentil for 30 minutes in water with salt, garlic and/or other seasonings that you like


  • Peel and cut the sweet potato into thin slices. Put the sweet potato slices on a baking sheet with nonstick paper, add salt and sweet paprika powder to taste


  • Bake at 200°C during 30 minutes


  • Wash the arugula and remove excess water


  • Now just mount the dish, black lentil, arugula, and sweet potato chips ♥ I added some pumpkin seeds to give it an special final touch




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