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Tomato pesto

Tomato pesto   Hello beautiful people! Today’s recipe is so delicious and so versatile that you will love! I’m naturally in love with the italian cousine, I don’t know how to live without pasta, pesto lasagne or pizza! Naturally, I prefer to do it everything in a home-made style, with fresh ingredients that I personally […]

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Does water with lemon juice work for everyone?

  Does water with lemon juice work for everyone?   Is water with lemon juice for everyone? 🤔 Before we move on, we need to keep in mind that the benefits of warm water have been scientifically proved: improves digestion, has diuretic action, stimulates the immune system because of Vitamin C, eliminates the acidity of the body […]

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Oat Pancakes

Oat Pancakes   Hello again pretty people! Today’s recipe became a “trending topic” with me :D since I learned how to do it, I do it every sunday ♥ I love oats, in general, specially the oat flakes, let’s quickly check some of the good points of this cereal: It has low glycemic index, is a […]

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