After a lactoses intolerant diagnosis, I was obliged to change my eating habits completely. I entered the vegetarianism world and was amazed by all the possibilities that exist. I am passioned about creating traditional recipes with my taste and in a healthier and adapted to my lifestyle version. I use lots of vegetarian products either in the cooking recipes or my personal care habits. Besides vegetarianism, I run and I practice Yoga. Habits that changed beautifully my life rhythm and the way I face the world.

Tags of my life nowadays: living abroad; reconsider the profession; rethink the consumption habits; search of the life balance; build and destroy;

I like to get to know new stories, and I respect everyone’s decisions. Here I will share parts of my daily life as information and encourage; never as a rule. I am a psychologist, cook, traveler, curious, tripolar, vegetarian and I love the nature.

I dedicate the blog to all of those who are searching for balance and a healthier daily routine; to those who love to eat and love the food; to those who value collectivity and society. Let’s go together?