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Chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse   The Christmas special dessert ist finally here! I don’t know about you guys, but i’m totally crazy about sweets, candies and desserts! Here on the blog, I always try to equilibrate the sweet ones with the salty ones, but if I would act based on emotions this would be just filled with […]

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Vegan Shepherd’s pie

Vegan Sheperd’s pie     This third recipe of the Christmas Special is a hit! Shepherd’s pie is a well-known food in many countries and in Brazil the dish that most resembles it, is our dear “Escondidinho”. This dish is incredible, super nutritious, delicious and you can do as much for a small dinner as well […]

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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies   Second recipe of the Christmas Special! Today I prepare a Christmas cookie that is very tasty and beautiful! This recipe is specially good to prepare it with someone else, decorate together, children will love to participate in the decoration! Also if you are more artistic than me (which is not veeery difficult) […]

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